Paclitaxel protein-bound injection is administered as a treatment for metastatic breast cancer, which refers to the spread of cancer beyond its original site, following unsuccessful prior treatments. It is used in combination with carboplatin, a cancer medicine, to treat advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer in patients who can’t receive radiation therapy or have surgery. Paclitaxel protein-bound is used in combination with gemcitabine, a cancer medicine, to treat metastatic pancreas cancer.

Paclitaxel belongs to the group of medicines also known as antineoplastics (cancer medicines). Paclitaxel protein-bound injection inhibits the growth of cancer cells, leading to their eventual elimination by the body’s natural mechanisms. Since the growth of normal body cells might also be affected by paclitaxel, other unwanted effects will also happen.

This medication should only be administered by or with the direct supervision of your doctor.


The product is available in the following dosing forms:

  • Powder for Suspension