Paranol- Paracetamol Infusion 10 mg.

Each 100ml Contains

Paracetamol I.P 1.0%

Water for Injection  I.P. q.s.

Dosage : As directed by Physician.

to be used with non-pyrogenic I.V. administration set with aseptic technigue.


Single dose container for Infravenous Infusion only Nonpyrogenic- Sterile

CAUTION : Even invisible damage to bottle caused during storage or transit may result in contamitation. Do not use if leak found. Contents not clear or contain visible solid particles.

 Paranol Paracetamol:

  • Indications: Paracetamol is a common over-the-counter pain reliever and fever reducer. It is used to alleviate mild to moderate pain and reduce fever associated with various conditions, including headaches, muscle aches, backaches, toothaches, and fever.

  • Dosage: The typical adult dosage of paracetamol is 500 mg to 1000 mg every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain or fever. The specific dosage can vary based on factors like age, weight, and individual medical conditions.

  • Maximum Daily Dose: It’s essential not to exceed the recommended maximum daily dose, which is typically 4000 mg (4 grams) for adults. Exceeding this dose can lead to liver damage.

  • Forms: Paracetamol is available in various forms, including tablets, capsules, liquid suspension, and suppositories.

  • Precautions: It’s important to follow the dosing instructions provided on the packaging or by a healthcare professional. Always check for other medications that might contain paracetamol to avoid accidental overdose.

  • Side Effects: When taken at the recommended dosage, paracetamol is generally considered safe and has relatively few side effects. However, excessive use or overdose can lead to severe liver damage, which can be life-threatening.